Area Inventory List In Housekeeping

Do you know how the planning of any Housekeeping department begins? Well, the planning on housekeeping staff begins by creating an Area Inventory List. 

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An Area inventory list in housekeeping involves the list of all the items that require the attention of housekeeping staff. The first step in organizing the Housekeeping Department’s workload is compiling an inventory of everything in each location that will require cleaning. There may be a requirement for a distinct inventory list for each type of guest room offered by a hotel. 


In this article, we will cover the scope of an area inventory list in housekeeping in hotels, how to prepare an inventory list for your housekeeping staff, and what are the advantages of an inventory list in housekeeping. So, let’s get started. 


What is an Area Inventory List in Housekeeping? 

Area inventory list is a record of items which includes all the inventory located in a specific location or area. It serves as a detailed list of assets and resources that might be present in a particular room along with its quality and condition. 


This kind of list is mostly used in Facility management and Housekeeping’s. The purpose of this list is to ensure effective management of all the available resources and maintenance of stock levels. It also helps in tracking and monitoring different items in the event if they get misplaced. Also this kind of list helps in maintaining budgets, auditing and preventing loss and theft situations.


How to create an Area Inventory List in Housekeeping? (scope and standardized format that is used)

Creating an Area Inventory List in Housekeeping involves various steps. Before we start the explaining the process, let’s first answer some more important questions – 


  1. Who prepares an Area Inventory List in Housekeeping?


Area Inventory List is prepared by the Executives in Housekeeping staff as it is one of the most important parts of planning and management function. 


  1. When is it prepared?


Area Inventory List is prepared everyday at the start of the shift to ensure that all the cleaning staff are aware about the items they are accountable for. 


  1. Is the Area Inventory List Long or Short?


Area Inventory List is detailed and comprehensive as it depends upon the type of hotel it is for. There can be various categories and divisions which require regular updates which is why this list is prepared in a detailed manner. 


Now Let’s hop on to the next part i.e., how to prepare Area Inventory List. A simple guide on how to prepare a Area Inventory list in Housekeeping is – 


  1. Define Specific Objectives – First step in the creation of Area Inventory list is to determine areas which you want to include in it. It can be any categories such as individual rooms, floor wise or entire facilities. Setting up boundaries will help you in determining any specific area which might need special attention and tracking from supervisors. 


  1. Level of detailing – Try to set the level of detail that you want your list to be. When you are handling housekeeping operations, you can choose to list down each and every item that requires housekeeping cleaning or you can put it in groups and categories. For example listing bedside tables instead of individual tables. 


  1. Create a standardized format – You can use tools and softwares that are available online for a standardized format of list. You can make use of excel or spreadsheet to record specific information. The format might include detailing like item description, quantity, location and other details that you might find necessary to be included. 


  1. Perpetual Inventory System – In business terms, this means continuous and regular updation of inventory count on a real time basis. In case of housekeeping, you can easily record the initial count of items that you have and then record real time counts on subsequent columns to keep track of the same. For this process, you may need to utilize digital technologies like barcode scanners for more efficient results. 


  1. Categorization of Item – Group similar types of items in one category. Some common categories may include furniture, appliances, linens, toiletries. 


  1. Regular Review – Using the data gathered in the inventory list, you may better predict future needs, spot patterns, and plan purchases, stock-ups, and other activities.


Items included in Area Inventory List in Housekeeping

Any Area Inventory list will include detailed information about specific items present in a particular room or area. Some common items which can be included in the list are – 


  1. Furniture – Beds, Chairs, Tables, Desks, Sofa or any other furniture piece that your facility may offer to their guest. 
  2. Electronic Appliances – Television, Mini Refrigerator, Microwave, Coffee maker, Iron, Hair Dryer. 
  3. Linens and Beddings – Bed Sheets, Pillow cases, blankets, towels, mats and other linens in that area, 
  4. Toiletries – Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap, Washing Gel, Loofah, Lotion, Dental kits, Shaving kits, Toilet paper, Tissues. 
  5. Room Accessories – Laundry Bags for your dirty clothes or Laundry basket, Irons, Alarm clocks, Extra Pillows and blankets. 
  6. Closet Space – Wardrobe Space, Drawers, Hangers, Clips. 


We have created a sample of Kitchen Area Inventory List which includes items that are included in kitchen areas of the guest rooms. 


Item  Quantity 
Toaster  1
Coffee Maker 1
Microwave  N/A 
Water Glass 2
Wine Glass 2
Coffee Cups 2
Fruit Bowl 1
Dinner Plate  2
Salad Plate Allow in special cases 
Table Spoon 1
Tea Spoon 1
Cloth Napkin 1


Meanwhile you can create a similar list for bedrooms, bathroom, living room, Sofa Bed, Closet and more. 


You can also categorize items in a way guest use them like this – 


Guest Amenities Guest Expendables  Guest Essentials  Guest Loan Items
Coffee maker  Laundry Bags  Cloth hangers Ironing board & Irons
Bathrobes  Guest Stationery essentials  Drinking glasses Hair Dryers
Free beverages in Mini fridge  Sewing kit Plastic trays  Hot water bottles
Bathroom amenities   Disposable slippers Water jugs and water bottles  Cribs 
Bath gel, Bath salt, bubble bath  Coffee sachets  Waste baskets or dustbins 
Body lotion, deodorant, moisturizer, talc and tanning lotion Magazines  Room service card 
Shower cap Bathroom Expendables  Service directory 
Shampoo and conditioner  Toilet Tissues, Toilet Roll, Face tissues
Loofah pads  Soap Bars- Bath & Hand


In order to create an inventory list, the examples that have been provided above serve as a beginning point; however, it is essential to adjust the list to the particular requirements and arrangement of each individual space. In order to ensure that housekeeping tasks are carried out effectively, it is important to have an Area Inventory List updated and in good condition. This will allow for improved organization, refilling, and general upkeep of a clean and comfortable living environment.


Benefits of maintaining an Area Inventory List in Housekeeping

When it comes to management of resources, our main focus is always to get the best out of all the available resources without any wastage. For the same reason, we prepare a list of inventories so that we are aware about the budget, auditing, tracking, procurement, replenishment and more. Some of the important reasons why one should maintain an Area Inventory List in Housekeeping are – 


  1. Helps in Budget Planning 


By knowing the number of items available, any organization can save on its expenses. The data collected in your list will also help in analyzing the future needs of the organization by identifying trends and patterns. This information helps in making informed decisions related to budget.


  1. Maintaining Quality Assurance 


Quality assurance means conducting inspections related to quality in different areas such as guest rooms, corridors etc. When you have a list of area inventory, it helps you easily track down the functioning and it also works as a checklist. 


  1. Replenishment Process 


If an organization maintains an inventory list, they will be able to detect the things that are getting low or need to be restocked. It does this by providing correct information on the items that have to be ordered, hence lowering the likelihood of stockouts or overstocking and making the procurement process easier to complete.


  1. Prevent loss of Items and theft 


Maintaining a proper area inventory list in hotels helps in allowing organizations to detect and address loss of any resources. With the help of it, organizations can also implement various measures. Regular monitoring of inventory can help in preventing potential losses.  


These are some of the major benefits that your business can get if they maintain a proper Area Inventory List in Housekeeping. 


Best practices for Managing Area Inventory List in Housekeeping

Some of the current trends and practices that might come handy to you while managing Inventory in housekeeping sector are – 


  1. Training of Staff – Efficiency of the department mostly depends upon how well aware and trained the staff are. Staff, irrespective of their degree, need some specific kind of training before they are put on the ground floor. The best way to go about this would be to introduce a buddy programme, wherein all the new trainees will be assigned a “Buddy” who will help them throughout.  The buddy is an existing employee who will guide the new trainees in their first project. 


  1. Outsourcing of services – Another way of determining your success is to outsource your area inventory management. Some of the major reasons for doing so would be expertise and specialization, Cost saving, Scalability and flexibility as per your needs. Additionally, outsourcing companies often utilize technology and various tools to track, monitor and update inventory which can be real time saving practice. They can also use barcode scanning or RFID technology for accuracy of inventory in the system. 


  1. Regular Audits – You can conduct routine audits of the inventory to ensure that there are no discrepancies in the data. Schedule physical checkup and comparing the same to system stock can really help you in making informed decisions. 


  1. Maintain a Fill Rate – Determine a par set level for each item based on average usage and replenishment. Fill rate represents a minimum bar of an item that should be maintained at all times in stock. Regularly maintain your fill rate to avoid shortage or excess of inventory. 


  1. Communication among team members – Encourage productive communication and collaboration between the cleaning crew, management, and any other departments that may be applicable. This guarantees that everybody is aware of any modifications or updates made to the inventory list and that everybody can work together to keep the accuracy and efficiency of the system up to par.


  1. Use of Digital Tools: Utilize digital tools or software specifically designed for inventory management. These tools can help streamline the process, enable real-time updates, and generate reports. They also provide features like barcode scanning, which enhances accuracy and efficiency.


Housekeeping workers can efficiently manage their Area Inventory Lists by using these best practices, which will ensure smooth operations, minimize waste, and maintain a well-stocked and orderly living environment.


Summing Up

Throughout this article we have put emphasis on the significance of Area Inventory list in housekeeping and how much it can affect your business. It is basically a record of items found in different areas of living spaces, enabling efficient restocking and maintenance of inventory. The inventory List ensures that necessary items for guests are available contributing to seamless and pleasant customer experience. 


We have also discussed amazing practices for effective inventory management such as regular audits, training of floor staff, fostering an environment of communication and coordination among the team and more. By implementing these practices, one can ensure smooth and streamlined operations. 


Final Words


In conclusion, an Area Inventory List is a useful tool in housekeeping, and successful inventory management procedures are essential to the tool’s functioning. Having an up-to-date inventory list helps with organizing, replenishment, and general upkeep, all of which contribute to smooth housekeeping operations. By prioritizing efficient inventory management, housekeeping staff may better meet the needs of residents or guests, reduce waste, and increase satisfaction.


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