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Imagine you are on your favorite holiday and enjoying every bit of it. And the icing on the cake would be to avail attractive discounts during your holiday. And what is better than to avail attractive discount on invoice during your travel, being a hotel employee? 


You got me right. A hotel employee discount on invoices is a perfect way to reward hotel employees for their job roles and hard work. 

If you are part of a big hotel chain, there are lots of hotel employee perks apart from excellent professional growth. You often get the flexibility to work at different locations wherever the organization has hotels. You also get to communicate with different people and this also helps immensely towards professional growth. 

However, the best part is the hotel staff discounts that the employees can avail of being a part of big hotel chains. You can always get attractive deals whenever you stay at locations where your organization has hotels. You can also refer to your friends and family members and get rewarded as well as give them also attractive discounts. 

Many hotel organizations have a hotel employee rewards program where they reward the best employees with attractive discount on invoice travel packages for their excellent service and hard work. With the help of these reward programs, the employees not only get attractive discounts on hotels but also get rewarded with travel packages with attractive discounts. 


How do Hotel Employee Discounts Work?

There are different types of employee discounts on invoice in hotels that are given to the employees for encouraging them to work hard and diligently. If you are part of a big hotel chain, there are different types of discounts given to the employees under different categories. 

Hotel employee benefits include attractive discounts of 20%-50% on rooms and almost 10%-15% discounts to their friends and families. You also get attractive offers on travel packages as well. Big hotel chains always a collaboration with big travel companies that organize packages for their employees. Being a hotel employee, you can get attractive offers and discounts on invoice in these travel packages as well. The majority of big hotels have their own transport system. Often they outsource these services to transport companies at their different locations. Hotel employees get to enjoy attractive discounts on transportation as well when they visit locations where their companies have hotels. 


Restrictions and Limitations on the Use of Employee Discount


Being a hotel employee, though you can always enjoy attractive Hotel Staff Perks and Benefits, however, there are always certain restrictions and limitations that need to be followed. So there has to be a significant process through which you can avail of the discount offers. 

  • Getting a leave in the hotel industry is certainly a big deal as it works day in and out. So during peak season and special occasions or days, getting leave is next to impossible. 
  • A hotel employee discount doesn’t means that your entire stay is free of cost. You need to pay a certain amount and there is always a window of the maximum amount of discount that you can avail. 
  • The majority of hotel employee discounts cannot be availed during peak seasons and don’t work on black-out dates. 
  • These discount packages always depend upon your designation, duration of working with the company and most importantly based on your overall performance. 
  • These discounts can be availed only once or twice a year by the hotel employees and not numerous times a year whenever they wish. 

So there are certain tips that these employees need to follow in order to enjoy the maximum of these Hotel Employee Loyalty Program

  • It is always best to avail of these discounts during off seasons so that you can enjoy the maximum of these discount programs. 
  • You should plan your stays and holidays in such a way so that black-out dates are avoided when you cannot apply these discounts. 
  • Plan your stays and holidays in such a way so that not only you can avail discounts on hotels, but also your entire travel package as well as transport. 
  • Refer more to your friends and family members so that you can also avail of referral discounts as well. 


Applicability of Employee Discount to Friends and Family Members

Family members and friends of hotel employees are also eligible to enjoy Hotel Staff Rewards Program. Hotels provide almost 10-15% discounts to friends and family members. Few hotels also give discounts on invoice travel packages as well. All they need is referrals from the hotel employees and after a proper verification process, these discounts can be availed by the friends and family members of hotel employees. 

There are certain rules and restrictions with every application of discounts for employee, discounts to friends and family members. 

  • These discounts can only be availed once or twice a year maximum. 
  • They don’t offer discounts during peak seasons or on special dates, especially the back-out dates. 
  • There should be a proper verification process only then these discounts can be availed. 


Employee Discount in Pay and Benefits Package

Every big hotel chains usually have incentive schemes for their employees. It always encourages the employees to perform better and get inspiration from their jobs through these incentive and reward programs. We all know that the majority of hotel jobs are target basis and also through positive feedback from the customers. So through the Hotel Employee Incentives program, you can always increase the benefits of these discount packages provided to the employees. The more incentives you can earn, the more discount and benefits would be reflected on your package. With more successful incentives, there is also significant growth in your career as well. 

There are also additional benefits for those employees who have earned maximum incentives and positive feedback. There are also additional benefits given to those employees who have given maximum referrals. This way the employees can always increase the percentage of discount they can avail for their hotel stays or even their travel packages. 

Plans to Expand or Modify the Employee Discount Program

The management teams of hotel companies always look forward to expanding and modifying the employee discount on invoice program in order to boost the performance of the employees and generate more revenue for the organization. More positive modifications in Hotel Staff Loyalty Program would generate more positive performances.

There are many hotels that are planning to increase the discount percentage to 30% and above for every deserving employee. Even for certain employees, whose track record of performance is excellent, this percentage goes up to 50% even. The HR team is always responsible to inform and keep up-to-date about these discount on invoice programs to all of its employees. This always encourages the employees to perform better in the future and bring in more revenue. 


Seasonal or Promotional Discounts for Hotel Employees


During the off seasons, the hotels don’t earn much revenue as compared to the peak seasons. So in order to increase revenues during these off seasons, the management introduces lots of discounts on invoice and offers that would attract customers to stay at their hotels. With every employee referral, friends and family members get attractive off-season and promotional discounts. They also can join the loyalty programs that enable them to take repeat services at the hotels. 

With the help of Hotel Staff Incentives Program, the employees can also avail attractive discount on invoice to stay at hotels and can avail of packages during the off-season. The management also provides certain promotional discount on invoice to the employees during this off-season, which would generate more revenue for the company as well as the employees can also enjoy an extra percentage of these promotional offers. 

Special Requirements to be Eligible for the Employee Discount on Invoice

These special hotel employee discount on invoice are given to only those employees who have been associated with the hotel organization for at least 6 months. Interns in the hotels are not eligible to enjoy these special employee discounts. Senior employees always get more discount as compared to the new ones. 


Moreover, to avail of these employee discount on invoice, the verification process needs to be done properly. These discount on invoice can only be availed in the branch hotels of the same hotel chain group and with those travel companies who have collaboration with the hotel.

These can only be availed if the employees have a good track record and also maintains a good attendance. With negative feedback, these discount percentage always gets immensely affected. So since the employees are a part of the service, positive approach towards other employees and definitely the customers is extremely important. 


Hotel employee discounts on invoice is a great way to reward employees who performs diligently to increase the revenue and build positive service for the hotel. With the help of these discount schemes and packages, the employees also gets encouraged to perform well in their career.

Not only the hotel employees are benefited from these discount programs, but also their friends and family members can also of avail attractive discount on invoice and offers. However, certain rules and regulations need to be followed to of avail these discount packages. Hotel employee discounts on invoice are also another way to generate revenues for the hotels during the peak seasons as well. 


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